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Another claim as to the
Origin of St. Urho

St. Urho The legend of St. Urho is not the product of one person, but of many. The origin of the legend, however, is open to dispute. Those on Minnesota's Iron Range give credit to Richard Mattson of Viginia. Sulo Havumaki, a professor at Bemidji State College (now University) in the northwestern part of Minnesota is also given credit for starting the legend.

But there is yet another slightly warped individual who could have been the originator. Kenneth F. Brist was a social studies teacher in Ontanogan, Michigan, in the late 1950s. According to his son, Matthew, Brist and several cronies conjured up the legend with several friends over "adult beverages."

When Brist moved to Chippewa Falls, he took the legend with him and contued to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. Brist was interviewed by WCCO radio (Minneapolis, MN) in the 1970s about his part in the St. Urho legend. We hope to obtain a copy of that interview.

Timo Winkenen