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Micah Wiitala / Jason Takkunen

Micah Wiitala and co-driver Jason Takkunen, who both live in suburbs north of Minneapolis, compete in Performance Rallies in this Saturn SL2. Being good Finnish-American poika, they are proud to carry decals promoting and This photo is from the Keweenaw Challenge ClubRally, Oct. 18, 2003, north of Houghton, Michigan. The Keweenaw rally is held in conjunction with the Lake Superior ProRally based out of Houghton.

Close up

Close up of the decals on the back door of Wiitala's Saturn. The team competes in the Group 2 category. They carry on the tradition of Flying Finns being among the best rally drivers in the world.

More Finnish Rally Drivers

Pasi Hagstrom

Pasi Hagstrom and Marko Taskinen drove in several events for Subaru Rally Team USA late in 2003.
They finished third at the 2003 Lake Superior ProRally. Hagstrom was the 1999 Finnish Rally Champion.

Jake and Silas Himes

Brothers Jake and Silas Himes called their ClubRally effort "SISU Racing". At the time of this photo, Jake was living near Duluth, Minnesota, Silas in Marquette, Michigan; their car was a Nissan Sentra SE-R. This is also at the Lake Superior ProRally/Keweenaw ClubRally in October 2003. Note the Finnish flag hanging from the pole.

Jake died of cancer in 2007.

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